It's been ages since we talked...

How long has it been?

Well, there was high school. Dated a few pricks, plus a swell guy: Pat.

Ended up going to Laurier for business. Lived in residence first year. Broke up with Pat for Ken (Pat was far better off without me — I'd been a cheater). Ken dumped my ass very unceremoniously and indirectly (the weasel) near the end of first year. Finished first year, got a room in a giant student house.

Met Mark. Fell for Mark. Whirlwind that was, from his perspective, a fling. Fucker.

Met Steve, but was damaged goods. Played mindgames in second year. Set world record for number of times a couple could break up. Finally broke off with Steve, and pursued new interest: Mike.

Years 2.5 through 4 of university were tortured. Completed my useless business degree and graduated intact. Moved in with a friend for a year. Found a job at a sign company.

Got a cat named Amanda.

Got my own tiny apartment in the beaches, which was my home for 5 years.

The tiny apartment saw me through much.

Going to college for copywriting. Finally euthanasing a terminally ill relationship and being single. Trying telepersonals. Dating a scary person who thrilled me, and made me feel beautiful even though he claimed to be an ex-con-artist and ex-con (9-months jailtime). Stayed together when he became homeless. Scored my first job in advertising (or the fringes thereof). Ended the relationship on a single lie.

Once again single, I conspired with Mike to beat the dating system by removing the stench of desperation from each other. The plan worked. I met John. Mike ended up with his highschool sweetheart. Haven't heard from him since they got married.

A couple years later John and I shacked up. A year after, we wanted to own the shack, so we bought outside of Toronto just on the edge of city and country. There's a cornfield across the street.

We currently have
3 cats: Amanda, Junior & Dolly
2 rabbits: Rory and Inkblot
2 Guinea pigs: Itsy, and Donut

I still enjoy tuna casserole, and continue to make it whenever I want.